Peaceful RICH70

September 23rd, 2020, 14:00-16:30 Jakarta time / 15:00-17:30 Beijing/Bali time

Discussion Topic: Bridging understanding – the culture and peoples of China and Indonesia

This dialog explores the scope for collaborative efforts, reflecting the depth of relations, on the occasion of the 7oth anniversary of establishing formal relations between Indonesia and China.

Indonesia-China relations have been going on since 2000 years ago and this relationship has particularly been improving since 1990 and continues to strengthen politically, economically and culturally. The awareness of the importance of building relationships between the two countries is based on our purpose in facing common challenges such as poverty, climate change, and public health issues. Nowadays, this intention continues to be strengthened during the era of Covid-19.

The momentum to commemorate the 70th Indonesia-China relationship is a reflective means to increase authentic relationships between two countries and its people. This relationship is based on mutual respect that accepts each of character, identity and system or known as cultural relationship. In order to bridge the cultural understanding among youth, media, indigenous groups, faith-based organizations from both Indonesia and China, this session aims to create public awareness toward the importance of cultural relationship between Indonesian and Chinese community, to elevate mutual understanding, respect, and spirit of collaboration to overcome our common challenges (i.e poverty, climate change, public health issue) and to achieve the living harmony between two communities.