Happy Digital Cities

September 14th, 2020, 14:00-16:30 Jakarta time / 15:00-17:30 Beijing/Bali time
Happy Digital Cities to explore the interplay of Big Data and AI in societal context, design for cities that bring happiness for citizens with focus on poverty eradication, job creation, and SMEs.

Roundtable 1: A fork in the road THK Awareness based Technology – ensuring digital technology is a driver of social progress

The power of technology is undoubted, but will it drive socially divisive behavior or can its strengths be harnessed to drive social progress? This discussion explores awareness-based technology and how to shape the path of AI, big data and its uses toward constructive social and ecological development with Big Data and AI.

Roundtable 2: Leave no one behind – integrating SMEs into the digital world

Sustainable globalization must be inclusive rather than focusing just on the supply chains of global multinationals. Technology provides the opportunity to open the door to the world for even the smallest of enterprises. How can the door be opened is the focus of this discussion?

Roundtable 3: Journey to Happy Cities: Looking to the future and not in the mirror – how to build Happy Cities

Urban development is a critical part of building back better. The concentration of Covid-19 in the mega cities of the world is a lesson that we are out of balance. Re-imagining cities is an imperative as we look forward. What are the parameters of a new and sustainable urban eco-system?