Finance Lab

September 22nd, 2020, 19:00-21:30 Jakarta time / 20:00-22:30 Beijing/Bali time
Blended finance and the future of development.
The Finance Lab on blended and sustainable finance explores the mobilization of large-scale capital for the SDGs with special focus on SDG Indonesia One on sustainable infrastructure, the Tri Hita Karana Roadmap on Blended Finance with OECD and global partners, including sustainable oceans prototype for sustainable fisheries management integrating blended finance approach.

Roundtable 1: It can be done – SDG Indonesia One

The development of Indonesia’s SDG One fund has inspired both official multilateral and bilateral participation in supporting blended finance for sustainable infrastructure investment. SDG One has also sparked mounting interest among private sector investors in sustainable infrastructure. Exploring how SDG One can build on its success to date is the focus of this discussion.

Roundtable 2: Where are we going with blended finance – the THK Blended Finance Roadmap on the Global and Regional Stage

The last G20 Communique recognized blended finance as a central element of development finance and the OECD has defined blended finance principles for development plans and policy. Adoption of the Roadmap Principles on a wider basis is the next important step. Among others, ASEAN adoption is important for the Southeast Asian region. What guidance can be offered to take the THK Roadmap to the next level of regional and global subscription?

Roundtable 3: Peaceful Blue Road: Making Blended Finance Happen for the Blue Economy and Blue Halo S

The development of marine protected areas is one important step toward sustainable oceans. The challenge is how to extend ocean sustainability more broadly. This will require incentivizing the private sector to participate. It is here that blended finance can be the key to unlocking that goal. Defining next steps is the task of this discussion.